Midnight Mocha Gin Cocktail with garnis

Midnight Mocha Cocktail

Negroni Special Gin in an easy to make, delicious mocha cocktail.

Chocolate and ginger ale Negroni Gin Cocktail

Ginger & Chocolate Cocktail

A special G&T for those that need a bit of sweetening up! Negroni Special, Fever Tree Ginger Ale and grated chocolate.

Curiosity 'Barrel Aged' Negroni Cocktail with garnish

Instant ‘Barrel Aged’ Negroni Cocktail

Looking for the perfect Negroni? Well so were we, so we made a gin especially for it. Try our Oak aged Negroni Special in your next Negroni. We think you'll be quietly impressed.

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Recipe #23

A contemporary style gin with a New Zealand twist. Distilled in-house starting with Canterbury grain and finished with 11 botanicals including a generous helping of East Coast Manuka, fresh citrus and Otago lavender.

Pinot Barrel Sloe

New Zealand’s only Sloe Gin is a strictly limited batch product. Made barrel by barrel in the traditional way, the finest sloe berries are steeped in Curiosity Gin for several months in a barrel that was previously used to age Otago Pinot Noir.

Curious Dry

Bright and herbaceous, Curious Dry offers a classical London Dry style Gin with a distinctly New Zealand taste. Along with the finest imported juniper needed to make it a gin, Curious Dry is made using just four NZ native botanicals. It is as Kiwi as a gin can get and treats you to all the flavour you expect in a fabulous dry gin.

Four Gin Tasting Pack

This tasting pack is designed for those who are curious by nature. The 4 Gin Explorer pack contains all four of our award-winning gins - Recipe #23, Curious Dry, Negroni Special and Pinot Barrel Sloe, each in a 50ml bottle.
It makes a great gift for the discerning gin drinker.

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