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Pinot Barrel Sloe-NZ-Gin

Curiosity Gin

Pinot Barrel Sloe

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New Zealand’s original locally produced Sloe Gin is a limited batch product. Made barrel by barrel in the traditional way, the finest imported Sloe Berries have been steeped in Curiosity Gin for several months in a barrel that was previously used to age Otago Pinot Noir. The resulting luscious red liqueur exhibits the smooth and intense bitter sweet fruit flavours of a classic Sloe Gin with an added rich back note from the Otago Pinot barrel.

Serving suggestions: Absolutely delicious served neat as an after dinner digestive or as a mulled winter warmer. For a refreshing thirst quencher, try it in a Champagne Cocktail or as a simple Sloe Gin and Tonic.

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Juniper berries · East Coast Manuka berries and leaf · coriander seeds · cardamom pods · fresh Gisborne Orange zest · angelica root · Otago Lavender · cinnamon · star anise · Sloe berries (Blackthorn berries)


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