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Pinot Barrel Sloe-NZ-Gin

Curiosity Gin

Pinot Barrel Sloe

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New Zealand’s original locally produced Sloe Gin is a limited batch product. Made barrel by barrel in the traditional way, the finest imported Sloe Berries have been steeped in Curiosity Gin for several months in a barrel that was previously used to age Otago Pinot Noir. The resulting luscious red liqueur exhibits the smooth and intense bitter sweet fruit flavours of a classic Sloe Gin with an added rich back note from the Otago Pinot barrel.

Serving suggestions: Absolutely delicious served neat as an after dinner digestive or as a mulled winter warmer. For a refreshing thirst quencher, try it in a Champagne Cocktail or as a simple Sloe Gin and Tonic.

Includes Mulled Sloe Gin Botanical Mix and recipe card to make your own winter warmer at home. All you need to add is apple juice and lemon juice.
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Juniper Berries · East Coast Manuka Berries and Leaf · Coriander Seeds · Cardamom Pods · Fresh Gisborne Orange Zest · Angelica Root · Otago Lavender · Cinnamon · Star Anise · Sloe Berries (Blackthorn Berries)


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