Own your own barrel

OWN YOUR OWN uniquely crafted

This is the opportunity to create your own single malt whisky, sourced from Canterbury grain and pure artesian water,
aged in a 10 or 20 litre barrel.

Follow the progress as your whisky matures, with the guidance of our Spirits Workshop distillers

Our customers love owning their own whisky label.

Groups and

Get your team together, or a group of whisky lovers, to create your own whisky label.

Mark a

Celebrate a special birthday, anniversary, wedding or graduation.

Corporate celebrations

Put your business in front of your clients  with a branded vintage.

Over the bar

Serve your customers your own house single malt straight from the barrel!

Here’s how it works

About the order process

Order your barrel on line and we'll call you to confirm the details, help get your label design underway and start the distilling process.


Once you've designed your logo (we're happy to guide you), send it through to us and we'll begin the laser engraving process of the barrel end.


We'll then fill with your barrel with craft New Zealand new make Single Malt Whisky from The Spirits Workshop.
You'll receive a Certificate of Authenticity.


Your barrel will be stored for you and carefully tended in the Distillery. We will send samples and tasting notes every few months so you can share in its progress. You're also welcome to pop in anytime to sample your barrel.


When you and the distiller agree that the whisky is perfectly matured, we will bottle and label it for you, ready to share with fellow whisky lovers.

About the whisky

Your whisky starts from the same new make single malt NZ whisky which is used to make our award-winning Divergence whisky. It begins with Canterbury sourced grain and artesian water from the foot of the Southern Alps.

About the barrel

Your barrel will be filled by our talented distillers at The Spirits Workshop.
It is your choice of a 10 or 20 litre miniature version of the French Oak casks which are used for our currently ageing Divergence stock. It is the same wood, treated with the same toast and from the same supplier as our larger casks.

Other types of barrels can be sourced for those looking for a different style and are available as 20 litre casks only. Pricing and availability for these are on request.
Some options include: ex-Australian Port, ex-Australian Sherry, ex-Pinot Noir, ex-Portugese Port, ex-Portugese Sherry among others.

Frequently asked questions

What happens to the barrel when we’re done?

The used barrel is yours to do what you like with. You can take it away to use or display at home or you can, of course, have it refilled to make a second release! 

What if I don’t know anything about making whisky?

No problem! Our experienced distillers at The Spirits Workshop will guide you every step of the way.

How long does the whisky keep in the bottles?

Once bottled whisky will keep indefinitely, so long as the bottles are kept sealed and they are best kept in a cool dark place.

How do we design the labels?

You can create any design you like. The laser engraving of the barrel as well as our bottle label printing are only capable of black & white/greyscale printing, so keep that in mind when deciding on your design. We can provide examples of previous designs and templates to give you ideas. We are also happy to help you bring the design together for lasering and printing.

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Owning your own barrel is the perfect opportunity for any whisky lover to mature, sample, bottle and share their own personally branded whisky as it ages.

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Owning your own barrel is the perfect opportunity for any whisky lover to mature, sample, bottle and share their own personally branded whisky as it ages.

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