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Whisky - 10 Litre Barrel - NZ - Whisky

Divergence Single Malt NZ Whisky

Whisky - 10 Litre Barrel

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$ 2,425.00 NZD

Owning your own barrel is the perfect opportunity for any whisky lover to mature, sample, bottle and share their own personally branded whisky as it ages. These barrels are miniature versions of the same casks used for our ageing stock, made from the same wood, treated with the same toast, sourced from the same suppliers and filled with the same single malt New Zealand whisky. It’s all the same, just better because it has your brand and your label and you are in control.


If you are interested in other types of barrel. We can source barrels made from ex-USA bourbon,  ex-Australian Port, ex-Australian Sherry, ex- Pinot Noir, ex-Portugese Port, ex Portugese Sherry and other barrel types but only in the 20 litre size. Please contact us directly for pricing and availability.

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10 litres of New Make single malt whisky, a 10 litre new french oak barrel, laser etching, your personal label design, GST and excise tax plus barrel stand and tap – if you take it home to store and age or storage, regular samples, bottling and labelling – should you choose to leave it with us. NOTE: These are not normally shipped, but rather stored at our premises. If you want the barrel shipped to you we will arrange that separately with you.
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