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Curiosity Gin

Curiosity RTD cans 250 ml | 4 Pack

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$ 16.99 NZD

Curiosity Gin mixed and ready to enjoy for any occasion. Available as a 4-pack with a single flavour, or satisfy your curiosity with a mix of the same quantity of each flavours. Each can contains 34ml of Curiosity Gin plus mixer developed in-house to pair perfectly.

Ruby & Ginger
Curiosity Ruby (Rhubarb) Gin & Spicy Ginger Beer
Each 250 ml can - 5.1 ABV | 1.0 Standard drinks

Classic G&T
Curiosity Classic Gin & Indian & Tonic
Each 250 ml can - 5.5 ABV | 1.1 Standard drinks

Includes Mulled Sloe Gin Botanical Mix and recipe card to make your own winter warmer at home. All you need to add is apple juice and lemon juice.
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