Personalised Whisky Barrels


Owning your own barrel is the perfect opportunity for any whisky lover to mature, sample, bottle and share their own personally branded whisky as it ages.

Maturing the perfect whisky in our 200 litre barrels takes time and we understand that not everybody wants to wait that long. So, we have released some of the whisky spirit into 10 and 20 litre barrels for those discerning whisky lovers who would like to invest early.

These barrels are miniature versions of the same casks used for our ageing stock, made from the same wood, treated with the same toast, sourced from the same suppliers and filled with the same single malt New Zealand whisky. It’s all the same, just better because it has your brand and your label and you are in control.

10 litre barrel $1795, 20 litre barrel $2995 incl all samples, storage, bottling, labelling, excise and GST

What’s the process?


Step One: Place an order for your barrel through the online shop or with the Spirits Workshop Team. Antony will contact you to discuss your personalised label design and the etching process.

Step Two: Upon payment, your cask will be labelled and filled with our finest New Make Single Malt Spirit.

Step Three: You will receive a sample of the new make spirit that has been used to fill your cask along with a certificate of ownership and authenticity.


Step Four: Only after time on the wood will your investment improve. In small barrels the flavour will develop faster so you decide where you want to age your cask. There are two options.

1. Leave your cask stored with us for ageing and request a sample at any time during the ageing process to check on the progress and flavour development of your Whisky. You are welcome to visit the distillery at any time to view or sample your cask directly.

2. We arrange for the entire cask to be delivered to you directly so it is there are your fingertips and you can control the process yourself.


Step Five: You are able to order whatever volume of whisky spirit (up to what remains in your cask), to be bottled at your choice of proof (up to cask strength), labelled with your individual brand and delivered to you at any time during the process.


  • We expect the spirit to be ready for final bottling at around 12 months for the 10 litre barrel and 24 months for the 20 litre barrel.
  • Each cask comes with a wooden stand and cask tap and will be individually laser etched with your  chosen branding.
  • The etching process takes approximately 3 weeks.
  • Whisky in the barrel is approximately 63% ABV

We’ll answer your questions, just send us a message!