The Spirits Workshop have been awarded Gold at the 2017 Monde Selection Awards for their New Zealand distilled Curosity Gin.

Curosity Gin was launched in late 2016 and the artisan distilled gin is a real reflection of its New Zealand heritage. Locally sourced Canterbury malted grain and pure Canterbury artesian water forms the backbone of Curosity Gin and is finished with eleven of the highest quality botanicals The Spirits Workshop can source. Including a generous helping of east coast Manuka, Gisborne citrus and Otago Lavender to bring the distinctive New Zealand taste.

Managing Director and Chief Gin Officer, Antony Michalik, is delighted with the award. “For a New Zealand Craft Gin to be recognised on the world stage in our inaugural year – we are blown away. We knew we had a unique product, and that Curosity Gin is a real reflection of the taste of New Zealand. For International experts to believe it is gold worthy is a fantastic endorsement.”

“New Zealand is known around the world for our wine and increasingly for our great craft beers as well. There is now also a burgeoning craft gin scene, with something like 15 distilleries in operation and there is no reason New Zealand spirits can’t be just as successful as the wine and beer. For us it’s all about embodying the ‘Grain to Glass’ ethos and sourcing only the best ingredients. There is something special about New Zealand ingredients that gives us an edge and the ability to produce a unique product” says Michalik.

Curosity Gin’s complete list of botanicals includes: Juniper Berries, Manuka (berries and leaf), Coriander Seeds, Cardamom Pods, Fresh Orange Zest, Fresh Lime Zest, Ginger Root, Angelica Root, Lavender, Cinnamon and Star Anise.

The Monde Selection Award is an internationally recognised award for quality. Established in 1961, The Monde Selection collaborates with over 70 eminent experts who taste and test products from all over the world. The Spirits and Liquers category enlists the expertise of oenologists of world renown, master sommeliers, university professors and professional tasters.

The experts must not only judge the taste, smell, visual aspect and all the classical organoleptic criteria but also take into account the information provided for the consumers, the ingredients used, innovation, packaging and the veracity of the commercial claims.

“Locally sourced malted grain and pure Canterbury artesian water form the backbone of our spirits. We use handmade copper pot stills that were designed and built in-house to distill our spirits. A double distillation turns the fermented grain into a fine spirit with an alcohol content around 65%. This spirit can then be barrelled for aging, to eventually become Whisky or further refined to make the base for other spirits such as our Gin and Vodka” says Michalik.

The Spirits Workshop was set up in 2016 and operates a boutique, small batch, craft distillery in Christchurch, New Zealand that produces premium crafted, distinctively flavoured spirits that are reflective of their New Zealand heritage. As well as their award winning Curosity Gin they also produce a craft Vodka and Single Malt Whiskey.

With distributors around New Zealand and the ability to purchase online Curosity Gin is set to be adorning the drinks cabinets of discerning gin drinkers not only in New Zealand but also around the world.