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Curious Dry

All Your Greens G&T

All Your Greens G&T

A delightfully refreshing G&T with the crisp clean flavours of cucumber and celery or mint.

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Two gin & tonics with lemon garnish

Classic G&T

A classic G&T with a distinctly New Zealand twist. Curiosity Curious Dry gin delivers everything you expect in a refreshing summery G&T.

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White Lady Gin Cocktail

A delicate cocktail from the late 1920s which is still in vogue. Works especially well with the back notes in our Curious Dry for a lemony citrus burst.

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Grapefruit Tom Collins Cocktail

Grapefruit Tom Collins

An old classic, with a Kiwi Twist.

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The Curiosity Collection

Recipe #23

A contemporary style gin with a New Zealand twist. Distilled in-house starting with Canterbury grain and finished with 11 botanicals including a generous helping of East Coast Manuka, fresh citrus and Otago lavender.

Negroni Special

First released for Negroni Week 2017, this is a wonderfully complex gin with a botanical recipe designed to complement a Negroni cocktail. The juniper is both macerated and vapour infused to add intensity and flavour to the malted barley base spirit.

Pinot Barrel Sloe

New Zealand’s only Sloe Gin is a strictly limited batch product. Made barrel by barrel in the traditional way, the finest sloe berries are steeped in Curiosity Gin for several months in a barrel that was previously used to age Otago Pinot Noir.

Curious Dry

Bright and herbaceous, Curious Dry offers a classical London Dry style Gin with a distinctly New Zealand taste. Along with the finest imported juniper needed to make it a gin, Curious Dry is made using just four NZ native botanicals. It is as Kiwi as a gin can get and treats you to all the flavour you expect in a fabulous dry gin.

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