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Glass of warm winter punch with orange garnishes

Winter Gin Punch

Here's a winter classic to share. Delightfully warm and cosy!

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Gin Hot Toddy

Gin Hot Toddy for an easy pick-me-up on any wintry day.

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Mulled Sloe gin with botanicals

Mulled Sloe Gin

Try this for a delicious winter warmer!

The Geraldine Sloe Gin Cocktail with garnishes

The Geraldine – Sloe Gin Cocktail

Sloe Gin, Port and Citrus. A refreshing winter cocktail. In a nod to The Charlie Chaplin, we've named this after his daughter.

Midnight Mocha Gin Cocktail with garnis

Midnight Mocha Cocktail

Negroni Special Gin in an easy to make, delicious mocha cocktail.

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All Your Greens G&T

All Your Greens G&T

A delightfully refreshing G&T with the crisp clean flavours of cucumber and celery or mint.

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Curiosity Ruby Pink G&Ts with flower garnishes

Ruby Pink G&T Ideas

The latest creation from the Curiosity Distillers is this fabulous pink, rhubarb gin! Try these combinations for a light and refreshing pink G&T.

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Watermelon Gin Sour Cocktail

Watermelon Gin Sour

Here’s the recipe from Jax’s Lockdown Cocktail video number 1. So easy to make and you’ve got a gourmet cocktail!

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Chocolate and ginger ale Negroni Gin Cocktail

Ginger & Chocolate Cocktail

A special G&T for those that need a bit of sweetening up! Negroni Special, Fever Tree Ginger Ale and grated chocolate.

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Two gin & tonics with lemon garnish

Classic G&T

A classic G&T with a distinctly New Zealand twist. Curiosity Curious Dry gin delivers everything you expect in a refreshing summery G&T.

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2 glasses of Elderflower G&T with apple garnish

Elderflower G&T

A refined G&T idea for those who like a smoother taste.

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White Lady Gin Cocktail

A delicate cocktail from the late 1920s which is still in vogue. Works especially well with the back notes in our Curious Dry for a lemony citrus burst.

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Grapefruit Tom Collins Cocktail

Grapefruit Tom Collins

An old classic, with a Kiwi Twist.

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Curiosity Sloe Royale Cocktail by the pool

Sloe Royale Gin Cocktail

Fabulous for any celebration, add Sloe Gin to your favourite bubbles for a cocktail to impress.

Curiosity 'Barrel Aged' Negroni Cocktail with garnish

Instant ‘Barrel Aged’ Negroni Cocktail

Looking for the perfect Negroni? Well so were we, so we made a gin especially for it. Try our Oak aged Negroni Special in your next Negroni. We think you'll be quietly impressed.

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Curiosity Gin French 75

This is a wonderfully refreshing version of the French 75 cocktail.

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Sloegroni Gin Cocktail

If you love a good Negroni cocktail, you'll love this Curiosity Gin Sloegroni.

The Curiosity Collection

Recipe #23

A contemporary style gin with a New Zealand twist. Distilled in-house starting with Canterbury grain and finished with 11 botanicals including a generous helping of East Coast Manuka, fresh citrus and Otago lavender.

Negroni Special

First released for Negroni Week 2017, this is a wonderfully complex gin with a botanical recipe designed to complement a Negroni cocktail. The juniper is both macerated and vapour infused to add intensity and flavour to the malted barley base spirit.

Pinot Barrel Sloe

New Zealand’s only Sloe Gin is a strictly limited batch product. Made barrel by barrel in the traditional way, the finest sloe berries are steeped in Curiosity Gin for several months in a barrel that was previously used to age Otago Pinot Noir.

Curious Dry

Bright and herbaceous, Curious Dry offers a classical London Dry style Gin with a distinctly New Zealand taste. Along with the finest imported juniper needed to make it a gin, Curious Dry is made using just four NZ native botanicals. It is as Kiwi as a gin can get and treats you to all the flavour you expect in a fabulous dry gin.

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