Our first privately owned barrel is now sitting in the barrel racks starting its two year (or however long it’s owner wants!) ageing process.

The 20 litre new French Oak barrel has been laser etched (check out the cool videos of the process below) with the new owners branding and filled with the same single malt new make spirit that is filling all the other barrels in our ageing program.

The lucky owner can get samples of the spirit as it ages from us any time he likes and when he thinks the whisky is ready we will bottle it and label the bottles with his preferred brand and deliver the bottles to him wherever he is in New Zealand. We’ll even bottle part of the barrel and leave the rest to continue ageing in the barrel if that’s what he wants. But in this case the whisky is to be a graduation gift to himself when he graduates from his LLB so I expect it will all be waiting in the barrel until the time comes for the big celebration!!

Good luck with your exams Jim!!!