Bottle of Curiosity Gin Recipe #23


Tasting Notes: Recipe #23 delivers bold contemporary flavours with well rounded citrus notes, oriental spice and floral accents. East Coast Manuka, Gisborne fresh citrus and Otago Lavender give this gin a refreshing New Zealand twist.  Best with an Indian style tonic to enhance the earthy background of Manuka, angelica and spice.

Serving suggestions: For a refreshing classic G&T serve with an Indian tonic and fresh pink grapefruit or orange slice. A modified French 75 Cocktail is also a must try with Recipe #23, rosé bubbles, orange bitters and an orange twist to garnish. Perfect for a summer special occasion.

Complete list of botanicals: Juniper Berries, East Coast Manuka berries and leaf, Coriander Seeds, Cardamom Pods, Fresh Gisborne Orange Zest, Fresh Lime Zest, Ginger Root, Angelica Root, Otago Lavender, Cinnamon and Star Anise.

Bottle of Curiosity Curious Dry Gin

40% ABV

Tasting notesCurious Dry is as Kiwi as a Gin can possibly be. Using all NZ native botanicals, (Kawakawa, Horopito, Manuka and Tarata) Curious Dry delivers everything you expect in a fabulous dry gin with unmistakably Kiwi flavours. Tarata brings bright lemony citrus notes and combines beautifully with the herbaceous and spicy notes of Kawakawa and Horopito.

Serving suggestions: It is excellent served as a traditional G&T with a wedge of lemon. Equally refreshing in a Grapefruit Tom Collins or Gimlet.

Complete list of botanicals: Wild harvest Kawakawa, wild harvest Horopito (Bushpepper), East Coast Manuka, urban foraged Tarata (Lemonwood).

Bottle of Curiosity Pinto Barrel Sloe Gin

27% ABV

Tasting notes: Sweet, smooth and delicious! This liqueur-style gin delivers smooth, slightly bitter, intense sweet fruit flavours with an added back note of rich fruitiness from the Otago Pinot Noir barrel in which it was made.

Serving suggestions: Absolutely delicious served neat as an after dinner digestive or as a mulled winter warmer. For a refreshing thirst quencher, try it in a Sloe Royale Champagne Cocktail or as a simple Sloe Gin and Tonic.

Complete list of botanicals: Juniper berries, East Coast Manuka berries and leaf, coriander seeds, cardamom pods, fresh Gisborne Orange zest, angelica root, Otago Lavender, cinnamon, star anise, Sloe berries (Blackthorn berries)

Bottle of Curiosity Negroni Special Gin

55% ABV

Tasting notes: Negroni Special was crafted as a limited release for Negroni Week 2017. Each batch begins with the same botanical mix as Recipe #23 then it is ‘Double Junipered’ to deliver strong Juniper aroma and flavour notes. The last step is to rest it in a new French oak barrel giving it a fabulous straw colour, sweet honey & toffee aromas with hints of dark chocolate in the finish delivering a complex full bodied gin for the perfect Negroni.

Serving suggestions: Delightful served neat on ice as a sipping gin. Perfect served in a traditional Negroni 1:1:1 with Campari and Martini Rosso. Also makes a refreshing G&T with an orange twist.

Complete list of botanicals: Juniper berries, East Coast Manuka berries and leaf, coriander seeds, cardamom, fresh orange zest, fresh lime zest, ginger root, angelica root, Otago lavender, cinnamon, star anise.

Ruby: This refreshing pink gin is made by steeping fresh rhubarb in our fantastic Curious Dry, London Dry Gin. A little added sweetness makes a delicious sweet zesty Gin.  Best enjoyed with plenty of ice, tonic and friends!

700ml, 37.5% ABV


Four Gin Explorer Pack: This great little tasting pack gives you a 50ml sample of all four of our fabulous gins. Be curious. Experiment and discover which one you enjoy the most. You may find you like them all!

It makes the perfect gift for the undecided, the curious gin connoisseur or those who want to share the secrets they already know.

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Recipe #23              50ml (42%)

Curious Dry            50ml (40%)

Negroni Special     50ml (55%)

Pinot Barrel Sloe   50ml (27%)


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