Jax’s ‘The Geraldine’ – Lockdown Video #4

At last, video #4 in our series. Congratulations on making it to Level 3 of lockdown. We hope you’re enjoying a sense of freedom again!

‘The Geraldine’ is a nod to ‘The Charlie Chaplin’ and named after his daughter.
Sloe gin, port and citrus. Delightful!


Midnight Mocha Gin Cocktail with garnis

Jax’s ‘Midnight Mocha’ – Lockdown Video #3

Here is video #3 in the series. Coffee, chocolate, vanilla and Curiosity Gin. What could be better??!
Check out all the recipes on the Ginspirations drop down in the menu bar.

Jax’s ‘All Your Greens’ – Lockdown video #2

Here’s the link to Video #2 from Jax. Such a crisp and refreshing cocktail!
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Jax’s ‘Watermelon Sour’ – Lockdown Video #1

Here’s the first in the series of ‘Jax’s Lockdown Curiosity Cocktail Videos’.
Have a go at this Watermelon Sour. It’s so easy to make and voila, you’re a gourmet cocktail whizz!

Curiosity G&T with cucumber, celery, mint and lemon

Jax’s ‘All Your Greens’ Gin Cocktail

50ml Curious Dry Gin
30ml Lemon Juice
15ml Simple Syrup*
8 small pieces of cucumber
8 small pieces of celery (or mint if you don’t like celery)
Indian Tonic **

Combine gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup, cucumber and celery (or mint) in a shaker.
Add lots of ice and shake vigorously to infuse the gin with the flavours.

Pour entire contents into a cocktail glass and top up with tonic.
Garnish with a slice of cucumber and sticks of celery (or pieces of mint).


* Simple syrup is made equal parts sugar to water.
Use one tsp sugar – will give you about 15ml of syrup.

** If you don’t like tonic, ginger ale or soda water works well in this recipe too.

Jax's Watermelon Sour Gin

Jax’s Watermelon Sour Gin

Here’s the recipe from Jax’s Lockdown Cocktail video.
So easy to make and you’ve got a gourmet cocktail!

50ml Curiosity Recipe #23
30ml Lemon Juice
30ml Watermelon Juice
15ml Simple Syrup *
1 egg white **

Shake all ingredients pretty vigorously in a cocktail shaker or a drink bottle with a wide top opening.

Add lots of ice and shake again.

Strain into your favourite glass and enjoy!

Simple syrup is made equal parts sugar to water.
Use one tsp sugar – will give you about 15ml of syrup.

** Add the egg white last so it doesn’t start activating with the alcohol.

New Pink Gin – Ruby

Everyone else is doing it so now we are too! Ruby is a refreshing Pink Gin. Fresh Rhubarb, Curious Dry and a little added sweetness makes a delicious sweet zesty Gin.  Best enjoyed with plenty of ice, tonic and friends!

Curiosity Gin New Bottles

The Spirits Workshop is very happy to announce we have relaunched our Curiosity Gin in beautifully designed 700ml bottles with a whole new look and feel!

The same fabulous gins but now in an equally fabulous package 🙂

The new bottles are a amazing bargain, delivering 40% more gin for a less than 10% increase in price!!

Available now from our website store and from liquor stores around New Zealand.

New Rum!

We don’t only make Curiosity Gin and Micro Barrel Whisky! We also have an experimental Rum! Made from a Blackstrap Molasses and aged for 2 years on toasted and Charred Manuka wood this rum is literally a one of a kind never before seen with an amazing barrel aged rum flavour that is identifiable wood but like nothing you have tasted before!!

Food Show Auckland

Thanks to everyone who came by our stand at the Auckland Food Show. We enjoyed introducing you all to our fabulous Curiosity Gin and hope to see you again next year when we hope to be able to introduce you to our fantastic NZ Single Malt Whisky!

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