NZ Gin Association Formed

Growth of the GIN Market see’s establishment of NZ Gin

Distilling gin is a growing industry in New Zealand and with it sees the establishment of an association of New Zealand craft gin producers, NZ Gin.

Internationally Gin is the fastest growing category in alcoholic beverages. By 2020 Gin is expected to overtake scotch whisky in total sales in the UK and last month spirits earn’t more money for the UK government than beer for the first time ever, with Gin leading the charge. In Australiasia there are now over 100 gin distilleries and the market is growing.

Artisan craft gin maker, Antony Michalik, Chief Gin Officer for Curiosity Gin and a founding member of NZ Gin, believes the establishment of a New Zealand craft gin producers association is a real reflection of the strength of the growing industry here. “New Zealand is a relatively small player in this market but we are packing a lot of punch and have a real point of difference in the type of product we are producing. By bringing the various craft gin makers together as an association we have greater power to grow the market, promote our gins within New Zealand and on the international stage as well as co-operate on exports in order to achieve greater efficiencies and economies of scale.”

Craft spirit launches grew 265% globally from 2011 to 2015 and New Zealand is following this trend with more craft distilleries opening each year. The consumer led demand for more authentic, more distinctive, more local, less processed and more interesting spirit brands is driving demand.

“New Zealand is known around the world for our unique wines and increasingly for our great craft beers. There is now also a burgeoning craft gin scene, and New Zealand craft gin is beginning to get recognised. Like the wines and craft beers, our gins are a real reflection of the taste of New Zealand. Taking our inspiration from the land and utilising local ingredients such as manuka, kawakawa and our pure artesian water, plus a wide variety of other local botanicals gives us an edge and the ability to produce a unique product in the market” says Michalik.

NZ Gin’s initial goals are to promote New Zealand made gins and grow the overall gin market in New Zealand, establish an annual gin festival and facilitate cooperation amongst members on export opportunities.

Founding member brands are Curiosity Gin, Vaione, Hidden World, Rogue Society Distilling Co, Sacred Spring, Karven, Ariki, Juno Gin, Reid & Reid, Broken Heart, Black Robin, Elemental and Lighthouse.

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